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Assalam Alaikum
In April of this year, my father was diagnosed with stage 4B cancer. From this weekends it will be his 9th hospitalization for anticancer drugs treatment, and after that, it will be the second hospitalization for endoscopy to determine the treatment effect (whether it can be operated). So please make Doa for him.
AlhamdulilLah both of my parents did Shahada on August 2nd of this year. My father's Muslim name is Thaabit(in Japanese like 旅人-Tabito, means "a traveler"). I would like to ask your Dua so that parents can be guided well in this life and in the next life.
Recent medical treatment has progressed so much that my father's treatment is a combination of molecular targeting drugs and anticancer drugs, but the side effects also seem to be terrible. Again I would like to ask your Dua so that Allah may heal him.
Waalaikum Salam,